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    Our Environmental responsibility

    Today, we place great importance on sustainable development in the daily management of our residence, aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of a hotel night.

    This engagement translates into different actions such as :

     Water management :

    - In order to limit water consumption, we have implemented a programme of not changing linen and not using the cleaning service

    - All our taps are equipped with a constant water flow regulator/mixer and our shower heads are hydro-economical

    - Automatic taps in the public toilets of the residence

    - Monthly monitoring of water consumption

    - We favour water-saving sanitary installations

    - Regular regulatory water analyses are carried out

     Energy consumption :

    - All our appartments are equipped with a contactor that only works with the client's key.

    - After each service and when the guests leave, we make sure that the windows are closed and that the light cards are removed from their place

    - The light installation in the appartments is equipped with low consumption LED bulbs.

    - The refrigerators and electrical equipment in our appartments are of low consumption

    - All our plumbing is heat-insulated, preventing heat and energy loss

    - Our fan convectors are equipped with a low consumption electronic regulation (Centralized Technical Management)

    - Switches on the windows and window doors of our appartments: open-window detector allowing the automatic shutdown of the air conditioning or heating system

    - We have carried out an energy performance diagnosis (DPE)

    - We conduct energy audits

    - The relamping of the whole building (interior and exterior) has been carried out by using LED or low

    consumption equipment

    - Regular maintenance programmes for the heating systems have been put in place

    - The heating is switched off during long periods of non-occupation

    - Air handling unit filters are regularly replaced and the system cleaned

    - Presence detector in most public areas (laundry, parking)


    - Used furniture and appliances in good condition are given to charity free of charge.

    - We collect ink cartridges, batteries and coffee capsules (recycling)

    - Establishment of a partnership with a food waste recovery start-up (anti-waste action)

    - Our Hotel Management software allows for the reduction of paper

    - We are reducing the use of single-use plastic: elimination of straws, use of bamboo cutlery, recyclable cups, biodegradable cloth laundry bags

     Comfort / Responsible purchasing / Work:

    - If work is undertaken, we give preference to materials with a low environmental impact

    - Each time we sign a contract with a supplier, we make sure that the future partner includes environmental criteria

    - We favour eco-labelled products

    - In our bathrooms, L'Occitane dispensers with 100% recycled and recyclable containers are in place (eco-friendly collection)

    - Our welcome items are all in biodegradable containers (water bottles, biscuits)

    - Use of Ozonated water (Biozone) for cleaning and disinfecting the appartments.

    - Use of dishwashing tablets without packaging

    - Reduction of the paper press in favour of digital media

    - Establishment of a partnership with the VTC Marcel company to use their fleet of electric cars (customer service).

    - Eco-labelled dry cleaning for customers and linen

     Promotion of eco gestures and staff awareness

    - All teams are made aware of the need to protect our planet through posters, videos, e-training, eco-gestures in the offices, pause room and dressing rooms

    - Each year, we participate in the Global Clean up Day programme organised at La Défense

     Our vision for 2022: Achieving environmental certification