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    Gender equality at the heart of the concerns of our residence

    At Fraser Suites Harmonie Paris la Défense, gender equality is taken seriously. Indeed, our establishment places the principle of non-discrimination at the heart of its recruitment strategy. 

    We are pleased to be able to announce that as of February 28, 2020, our gender equality index is 100/100.

    The equality - men to women index is an annual scale established as of 2020 by companies with 50 or more employees in order to target the pay differentials that may exist between male and female employees. This is a measure taken by the executive with a view to strengthening equal pay between men and women in the world of work, in application of the principle of “ equal pay for equal work ”.

    The scale is established on 100 points, with a number of points allocated for each indicator, 100 being the maximum score that can be obtained.