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    5 ways to visit Paris

    It is still holiday time in Paris. It is the occasion to make the most of the city and to discover it a new way! This month, we wanted to present you 5 ways to visit the capital city. We have tested and approved all of them! So here is how you can delight in discovering the City of Lights far from the usual excitement. 

    Historical - Bateaux-Mouche

    The bateaux-mouche are now an institution in Paris. Sailing along the Seine River, they offer a stunning view on Paris most famous monuments. We highly recommend them for a family experience or for a dinner cruise with your lover!
    To take even better pictures, try a cruise by night!

    Essential - Touristic bus

    Perfect for all those who spend a short stay in Paris, the touristic buses will enable you to condense Paris essentials: Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame de Paris, Sacré-Coeur, the bus will make you discover the city's best monuments.
    And as you are lucky, you will find a bus stop just in front of Fraser Suites Le Claridge!

    City-dweller - Velib'

    The Vélib' is one of Parisians favourite means of transport: economical and fun, it will enable you to wander in Paris streets and go off the beaten tracks. The Vélib' will turn out to be very useful for your short moves, et more intersting than the subway tunnels!
    This summer, the P'tit Vélib is available for your children, so that you can enjoy this moment altogether.

    Surprising - Drive with Citroën 2 CV

    Original means of transportation flourish in the capital city, but our very favourite is the guided tour in Citroën 2 CV. Board in this mythic car, which will make you travel in the time, and delight with parisian clichés!
    It is time to step your game up: plan to take your beret, baguette and wine bottle!

    Simply - By walking

    Sometimes, you discover beautiful things just by turning into a street. Walking in Paris is making sure to come face to face with unexpected treasures: hidden courtyards and alleys, unusual buildings, typical squares, etc. So simply follow your feelings and explore the capital hidden treasures.
    And it is also a good way to eliminate this delicious brunch you've just tasted.