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    5 secrets about famous monuments in Paris

    There are monuments that do not need to be presented anymore. They made Paris so famous, and you love visiting them! So we decided to make you discover five of them throw unexpected stories. Some anecdotes that will impress your friends and family!

    Garnier Opera  - "Bzzzz symphony"

    Here is a ballet that few people how have the opportunity to see: in 1981, a scene shifter, beekeeping lover, settled four hives on the Opera's rooftop. Today, more than 500 000 bees still buzz among the ballet rats.
    And for the greediest of you, you can buy the honey produced directly at the Opera's shops. 

    Notre Dame de Paris - Gargoyles' rain

    If the Gargoyles of Notre Dame are worldwide famous, their original purpose remains far fewer known: these funny figures are actually used to evacuate rain water from the walls of the cathedral. We had never seen such cute gutters!
    If you want to discover them, the access to the cathedral and its towers is free every first Sunday of the month!

    Louvre Museum - Small size, big fame

    Crowds hurry to admire one of the most secret and mysterious works of art, but did you know that the famous Mona Lisa was only 77x53 cm, almost the same size as an A2 paper sheet? One thing 's for sure, it remains a huge piece of art!
    You want to discover it quickly? We advise you to choose the entrance of Caroussel du Louvre, less busy than the Pyramide one.

    Basilica of the Sacred Heart - As white as snow

    Its bright whiteness is the secret of its fame, but where does it come from? The amazing color of the Sacred Heart comes from the stones used to build it, found in the quarries of Château Landon, which have the special feature of becoming whiter under the rain.
    Because hiking is always a good idea, chose to climb the 500 steps leading you to the Basilica.

    Eiffel Tower - Large family

    It proudly stands in the center of the capitale city, but if the Eiffel Tower is unique in our hearts, it has more than 20 replicas around the world: United States, China, Belgium, Russia, etc., it seems that the Eiffel family will never stop growing!
    Bonus : we share with you our favourite spot to admire it: few steps away from Place du Trocaéro, the coffee of the Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine offers a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower, far from the tourist agitation.