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    When travelling for business or pleasure, it can hard to stick to your fitness routine. The local gyms may charge an expensive rate for people who are non-members and the equipment available to the user may be totally substandard.  Furthermore, you may not get the workout you need and have to make compromises on what you do due to a lack of facilities.  We care are about the well-being of our guests so you can stay in our serviced apartments while still keeping on top of your gym routine and general fitness.

    At Fraser Suites Harmonie La Défense we have an onsite, fully equipped gym (treadmill, bike, rowing machine, elliptical trainer, set of dumbbells and mats) to take care of your fitness needs.  If you want to do some running or lift some weights we have cardio equipment and weight-training equipment that will help you in your gym goals. The facility is open 24/7 and whether you have an important work meeting or just in the city to visit, we work around you. The onsite gym is exclusive to our guests so feel at home in our fitness environment.  We have complimentary water on so you can stay hydrated during and after your workout and we also have complimentary towels to wipe down too.

    Complimentary internet is available so you can stream that essential gym playlist to get you over the finish line or to power through that final rep. Air conditioning with climate control will keep you cool and during your work out without feeling stuffy.

    We are passionate about fitness and the health of well-being of our customers. The onsite gym lets us help you feel at home whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure.